Bill Maher Makes Tim Tebow Joke About His ‘Faith’

Bill Maher Tim Tebow – Bill Maher may have stepped far over the line with his latest Tim Tebow joke. He is facing scrutiny after making fun of the Broncos quarterback on Twitter, and many people are calling it tasteless with no class at all. This one is pretty bad: “Wow, Jesus just f—d #TimTebow bad. And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler ‘Hey, Buffalo’s killing them.’ ”

Can you say ‘ouch?’ Maher can be funny, but this joke doesn’t connect, and one made after Denver lost to the Buffalo Bills on Christmas Eve. Tebow threw four interceptions in the game.

Remember the co-worker who tried to be funny at the office? You know, the guy who laughed at his own jokes? Well, this joke from Bill is a good example when it comes to Tim.

No one knows if Maher thought long and hard before making the comment on Twitter. Some people questions if he was a bit tipsy at the moment. But I agree with most that he didn’t think before he typed something outrageous like that and in poor taste.

Bill can be funny, but Bill, this wasn’t funny and you’re showing your age. You’re not cool anymore.

Many people like Maher but saw him step to a new low this week. After all, he’s an atheist, so it’s easy to sit back to slam someone else’s faith when you have none yourself. In fact, someone started a new hash tag called #straighttohellBill on Twitter. It’s cute, but isn’t that no different than what the HBO host said about Tim?

The ratings for his show must be at an all-time low. Bill Maher used Tim Tebow to remind everyone, “Hey, I’m still on HBO — come watch me,” while trashing someone else’s faith to get the plug in.

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