​Bode Miller To Complete, Despite Age, At Sochi​​

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January 12, 2021
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Bode Miller will try to add to his Olympic legacy despite his age of being one of the oldest skiers in the field in Sochi. Miller has been through a lot this year, following major knee injury, a custody battle, and mourning the death of his younger brother.

“A knee injury like I had is a pretty slow process, aside from the fact that I’ve been pretty rough on my body for [the] 17-plus years of my World Cup career,” Miller told Matt Lauer on TODAY Thursday. “I’m healthy enough that I’m skiing as hard as I can, but I definitely feel my age. I’ve been pushing pretty hard this season. I have a lot of extra work to do after taking last year away to heal the injury, so I’m trying to catch up to the young kids right now.”

With five Olympic medals, 33 individual World Cup victories and two World Cup titles, Miller, 36, is the most decorated U.S. skier of all time. He is also one of only five Olympic skiers in history to take home a medal in four different events. In Sochi, he will become the first U.S. skier to compete in five Olympics, where he looks to make an improbable run to the podium despite missing a year on the slopes following knee surgery in the spring of 2012.

“Anytime [in] the Olympics, anyone kind of knows anything outside of the medals is not really why you’re going there,” he said. “I think it is the performances I’m looking for, maybe a little different expectations this year — four years older, fifth Olympics. My knee is still, it is a liability, probably a lot of the things I’m dealing with right now are liabilities, so I do go in there with the intent to ski my best and try to inspire some people.”

Miller’s recent trials have been personal as well as physical, including a very public custody battle with ex-girlfriend Sara McKenna, 27, over their infant son. The two came to a custody agreement last month in which they will both have equal time with the boy, whom McKenna calls Sam and Miller calls Nate.

Miller, who lives in California, filed a paternity suit for joint custody in the fall of 2012. He accused McKenna of moving to New York while she was still pregnant to seek a more sympathetic court system, while civil liberties groups argued that McKenna had the right to live wherever she wants.