Brandon Marshall Trade – What Are The Miami Dolphins Thinking?

Brandon Marshall was part of a trade deal between Miami and Chicago.

A day after trying to convince Peyton Manning to sign with them, the Miami Dolphins decided to trade their best wide receiver, Brandon Marshall, to the Chicago Bears for draft picks, reuniting him with QB Jay Cutler.

For the Bears, it fills the need for having a top wide out, which they have lacked since getting quarterback Jay Cutler. The deal has also got to make both Cutler and Marshall feel better since when they both played together for the Denver Broncos’ they saw the best stats in each of their careers.

The deal will see Miami get two 3rd round draft picks, one in 2012 and the other in 2013, as compensation for Marshall.

Still the deal seems to have some people scratching their heads as to why Miami would let go of Marshall, especially when they were in the hunt to get Peyton Manning.

Dolphin running back Reggie Bush tweeted after hearing of the trade, “Hate to see my boy B Marshall go. That’s the league for you, one day you’re here next day your gone. Chicago is getting one hell of a player!”

Meanwhile, the teams center, Mike Pouncey tweeted, “Brandon Marshall out of Miami? Tell me this ain’t true…”

Some are suggesting that the move by Miami may be in an effort to sign former Colt wide receiver Reggie Wayne for Manning to play with, if he came to Miami.

Either way the move could still be beneficial to Miami as there was an obvious discord last season between Marshall, who suffers from a borderline personality disorder, and current Miami QB Chad Henne. Besides, there are other top wide receivers who are free agents that Miami could go out and sign to replace him.

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