​Canseco Polygraph Test Results For Sale​​

June 9, 2021

Jose Canseco, who was cleared of sexual assault charges by the Las Vegas Police Department, wants to sell his polygraph test results as an opportunity to get some needed cash.

Canseco Polygraph

The former MLB player went through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation last year and has been broke ever since. Canseco says that if anyone wants to know what really happened that night in Las Vegas, he’s willing to sell the memorabilia for a price.

This comes after police in Las Vegas decided not to seek criminal charges against former major league slugger after an investigation of a woman’s rape claim.

Canseco, 48, who went public about the investigation May 22 with postings on Twitter, told The Associated Press that he was victimized by the allegation and he wants to sue his accuser.

“She alleged I drugged her and raped her,” Canseco said in a telephone interview. “It was an outright lie. I proved it by taking two lie detector tests. I am the victim here.”

Canseco drew intense criticism for posting the woman’s name and workplace. Some of the information was later removed, but Canseco told AP at the time that he didn’t regret posting it.

“If you have nothing to hide, why hide it?” he said.

Canseco said he took and passed polygraph tests in Dallas and Las Vegas to show he was telling the truth.