Chad Johnson Madden 13 Becomes Awkward Moment

Chad Johnson took to Twitter and spoke about his disappointment with Madden 13 and even admitted that he’s the one that messed up his life, although he did not go into details, we can probably guess it’s about that alleged altercation and being cut form the Miami Dolphins.

“That awkward moment when you realize you’re not on Madden13 and have to create yourself,” he tweeted on Twitter account. This is a man who lost everything in just a few hours. He lost his wife, his job, and his house is now facing foreclosure.

No one knows for sure which of these separations are the hardest for Johnson, but one thing for sure, they are all very hurtful. Just one of these problems would be enough, but to face three of them? At the same time?

Johnson is still in Madden NFL 13 as a free agent, so that much should be good news to the wide-receiver.

NFL or ex-NFL players dream of having their Oscar moments on the EA Sports game. Watching themselves immortalized in a video game is only second to being worshiped on Sundays.

“Being on a Madden game is almost like making it to the Pro Bowl,” Pro Football Hall of Fame 2012 inductee Curtis Martin said. “Even though I don’t really play the game anymore, I want to be on it.”

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