Chad Ochocinco Whines About Stolen Starbucks Card

NFL star receiver Chad Ochocinco turned to Twitter this week to whine about his stolen Starbucks card, which revealed he was quite upset, as if he lost everything. Ochocinco received the card as part of a customer loyalty program that entitles holders to a range of perks.

I am sure there are other things Chad can talk about other than his card full of perks and coffee points. He didn’t just post a text message about the ordeal on Twitter. In addition, he made a home video about it and claims he “worked so hard” to build up the coffee points.

There are other things for him to worry about right now, such as the New England Patriots, who hinted that they might not need Ochocinco this year. If that happens, he might not have a job and could hit rock bottom like Terrell Owens. On second thought — I don’t think anyone can hit that kind of low.

With a full off-season to learn the playbook, the veteran wide receiver is running out of excuses.

However, he “seemed to pick up where he left off” at Thursday’s OTA session, according to the Boston Globe. Teammate Deion Branch had to instruct him where to line up on one play. Ochocinco later proceeded to draw an off-sides penalty and was asked to run a lap by coaches.

Let’s not melt over this. It’s a couple of plays in May. Veterans are shaking off the rust. Besides, the man lost his Starbucks card and is still shaken from it all.

Bill Belichick might have the heart to look past today’s errors, but he isn’t a coach willing to put up with players who can’t grasp their role — if not everyone’s role — within the scheme.

It’s hard to tell if Ochocinco makes this team because he’s running out of time, and he doesn’t seem to be focused.

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