Cheerleader Sets Record For Most Back Flips For Guinness

A 23-year-old former UTEP cheerleader may have put herself into the Guinness Book Of World Records on Saturday by doing the most consecutive back flips during a University of Texas El Paso game.

U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Jalyessa Walker unofficially achieved the record by performing 49 consecutive hand spring backflips across an entire football field during halftime of the game between UTEP and Rice.

Walker said after completing the potential record she could have kept going but ran out of room. “As soon as I hit the concrete, I was starting to get tired and scared because I didn’t want to fall,” she said.

According to Guinness, the previous back flip mark had just been set last month by high school cheerleader, Miranda Ferguson of St. Mark’s School of Texas, when she performed 35 consecutive flips.

Walker actually graduated from UTEP last May and had enrolled into the Basic Officer Leadership Course at Fort Lee, Va. and had not done any cheer training in 4 months. But when she began training again last month with the goal to set the back flip record, she had the help of her mother, Joleen Walker.

“When she sets her mind on what she wants to do, she does it,” said mom.

Jalyessa said she wanted to set the record because she likes a challenge.

“I like challenges,” she said. “I’ve been in gymnastics since I was 4, and tumbling is what I love to do. This is the perfect thing for me. So I thought: Why not give it a try?”

Walker now has to submit the video of her back flips to Guinness for them to make the new record official.

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