Chris Bosh Requests Help For Dying Masseuse During 911 Call

Police have released the Chris Bosh 911 call made by the Miami Heat player and his wife about the dying in-home masseuse who collapsed last week.

Chautele Cooksey, the 41-year-old masseuse was called to the Bosh’s Miami home last Monday for treatment on the injured Heat player. When Cooksey, who was well known to the Bosh’s, arrived she was said to be appearing “well and in good spirits,” but later passed out, then regaining consciousness only to pass out again.

On Tuesday, the Miami Police Department, who have ruled out any foul play, released the 911 call from Chris and his wife, Adrienne.

In the 9 minute recording Chris calmly asks the operator to send an ambulance because Cooksey was having trouble breathing and was passing out.

“I need a doctor here at my house,” Bosh said. “A guest of mine isn’t feeling very well.”

After relaying to the operator that she has passed out a couple of times, Bosh asks, “If they could hurry, that would be great.”

After a few minutes Adrienne gets on the line and asks them to hurry because she was concerned the masseuse’s condition was worsening quickly.

“I don’t know if she’s stable, we just need someone to come,” she said. “She’s going in and out and her breathing is shallow.”

The operator then explains that the Bosh’s need to put Cooksey in the most comfortable position possible, when Adrienne says, “She can’t breathe, something weird is going on, Oh my God … something is happening, I don’t know.”

Adrienne then explains the Cooksey’s breathing is erratic, “just a breathe here and there.”

After fire rescue arrived at the home, they transported Cooksey to the hospital, were she was later pronounced dead. Authorities were still trying to investigate the cause of death, with a friend of Cooksey’s saying she had cancer a year ago, but it was thought she had overcome it.

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