College Football Brings This Week’s Bad News

College Football – College sports has brought good news and bad news about football this past week. That generally is not good, and it wasn’t this time, either.

On the morning shows, evening newscasts, primetime programs, even on PBS, where “Charlie Rose” grilled a panel about the week’s and year’s developments — there was evidence that college sports’ dirty laundry was out in the open again. If it seems like there’s more of it than usual, it’s because hardly any time lapses anymore between scandals, and scope of them seems to grow each time.

The bigger they grow, the more the sense grows that enough is enough, that the system propping up all this illegality, immorality, excess and exploitation — in every sense of those terms — can’t withstand its own weight.

If each straw isn’t the last straw, then which one will be? If each scandal isn’t the tipping point that pushes everybody’s patience with the rotted, corrupt foundation of big-time college sports, then what would the tipping point be, and how much longer before America reaches it?

The answer to the last question, at least, seems to be: no time soon. The public has been drawn back into a new college basketball season now, sucked in by the North Carolina-Michigan State game on the naval aircraft carrier docked off of San Diego and attended by President Obama. Last week’s 24-hour nationally televised marathon kept the buzz going.

The annual debate over the Bowl Championship Series is now fully engaged, meanwhile; everybody is wrapped up in the chaos that will carry into the final weekend of play next month, and will once again be transported through bowl season and into the actual title game. This past Friday and Saturday alone, so many contending teams tumbled, anticipation for the next few weeks can’t help but keep the college beast well-fed.

There’s no sense that all the awful news emerging on various campuses and among numerous entities will drive away that many people — not enough for anybody to say, “This has all got to change.”