College Football Scores Update

College Football Scores – Last week they would have lost to Rutgers if Rutgers did not have one of the worst second halves ever.

Rutgers ran out and scored 31 points in the first half and then fell flat.

Louisville however came out this week by going into West Virginia and beating them in a good old-fashioned football game where a field goal in the third quarter was the only thing that separated the two.

West Virginia took a double blow this week. They not only are going to fall out of the top 25 and lose their ranking but they are also getting sued getting sued by the Big East.

Now West Virginia has to hope that they can recover and finish the season strong but their rankings will never be again.

West Virginia has to get ready and gear up to play against a strong Cincinnati team next week. Cincinnati is 6-1 and on top of the Big East conference.

That game could hand the Mountaineers another loss and they will fall even further into reality, which seems to be hitting them hard of late.

The week after that they will face another tough Big East opponent in Pittsburgh.

When the season is over the Mountaineers more than likely will have two more losses and a season that had so much promise will be down the drain.

The biggest hit to the Mountaineers is that they will have to stay in the Big East for 27 months before they can join the Big 12.

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