Colts Cheerleaders Shaved Bald For Chuck Pagano

Colts are bald, especially the cheerleaders, ask Megan M., the woman who kept her word by having her head shaved by Blue, the team’s mascot, during the team’s 20-13 win over the visiting Buffalo Bills.

Megan is just the latest member of the Indianapolis Colts’ organization to go bald to show support for coach Chuck Pagano, who has been away from the team battling leukemia during much of the season. Shortly after the players went hairless (or orange) to show support for their coach, who lost his hair while undergoing treatment, Blue tweeted at the team’s cheerleaders and asked if they were willing to do the same if he could raise $10,000 for leukemia research.

Megan accepted the challenge and #OperationShaveMegansHead was started.

With Megan’s help, Blue raised $22,670, according to WTHITV, more than doubling the threshold for the trim. When it came time to hold up her end of the bargain, Megan had company. Fellow cheerleader Crystal Ann had decided to join her. Blue was ready to do the cutting.

The two had their heads shaved between the third and fourth quarters.

And after the cheerleaders had their new looks, it was right back to work.

Not only have the Colts been a pleasant surprise on the field, but the #Chuckstrong movement in the locker room and community has made this campaign even more meaningful. Pagano was in attendance at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday for the team’s win over the Bills as well as this touching act of solidarity by Megan and Crystal.

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