Dallas Cowboys Score, Cardinals Win 13-19 In Overtime

Dallas Cowboys Score – Cardinals beat the Cowboys score of 13-19 in overtime. In Week 9, the Cardinals beat the Rams 13-19 in overtime on a 99-yard punt return for touchdown by Peterson. Thrilling endings has been the Arizona’s M.O. all season.

TOUCHDOWN!! The Hypen erupts for a 52-yard touchdown. He weaved in and out of the Cowboys, right into the end zone to give the Cardinals their second electrifying overtime win this season. 

Here goes the Cardinals offensive line again, doing what they can to lose. Holding.

Overtime. I still can’t believe Jason Garrett iced his own kicker. Worst. Decision. Ever.

No good. Bailey iced by his own coach. What the $#%@?

Cue Calais Campbell and his 6’8″ frame to block this kick, again.

Cardinals fan feel it coming: another late fourth quarter loss. Arizona has suffered more than their share of last-second losses this season. 

Andre Roberts just dropped a nice pass from Kolb. He may have just dropped the Cardinals chance for a fourth quarter victory.

The Robinson/Jefferson matchup is one to watch. First Jefferson beat Robinson, then Robinson came back strong against Jefferson. Both players have come a long way this season.

That was a secondary sack. The Arizona defensive backs held down the Cowboys receivers and shut-off all of Romo options.

After reviewing the play, the statements in my post stand: Beanie Wells scored a touchdown.

Touchdown, Cardinals. Beanie Wells graciously didn’t take anyone’s head off with his touchdown run. He just knocked a couple Cowboys on their backs. 

Kolb is legit. Skelton couldn’t do what Kolb is doing right now. It took him a half to get back in the swing, but he’s getting in his groove now.

DeMarcus Ware leaves for one play and the Cardinals get plenty of time in the pocket to connect for a long pass.

Field goal, Dallas. Nothing to report here. Three points on a stalled Cowboy drive.