Danica Patrick Enjoys Another Pair of New Shoes

Danica Patrick got a second pair of new shoes at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway from owner Bruton Smith during a fan Q&A session. Patrick received her first pair in 2010 after NHS officials had her hold a lobster.

It sounds weird, but it’s been a great way for the female race car driver to get some free stuff. In fact, she is so happy that she cracked a joke about boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Not many NASCAR drivers receive gifts from track owners.

“Bruton’s given me now two pairs of shoes, which is now one more than Ricky,” Patrick quipped Friday. “(Ricky) has got a way more upper hand with the boots. He’s got him beat,” adding, “Just heels he doesn’t.”

The 2010 shoes from New Hampshire were Yves Saint Laurent gold platform shoes. This year, they were Jimmy Choo shoes.

“They’re very fancy, very dressy,” Patrick said. “I haven’t found the right occasion for them. I thought I was going to wear them during the ESPYs, but they didn’t match my dress right.

“I’ll find a home for them, I promise you that.”

Patrick has always had a love for fashion and said earlier this year that she has more than a thousand pair of shoes. So she likes the new shoes.

“Sometimes it’s just good to be a good girl,” she said.

Speaking of shoes, last year someone threw their own shoe at Patrick’s car and knocked her out of a race she was leading.

“Something’s f—-ed up” is she could muster after leading much of the NASCAR Nationwide tour race at Montreal in 2012.

Patrick set a personal record for laps in the lead position in what was her first race since Daytona even reaching the front of the line. Radio communication between Patrick & her pit suggested a part of her car was torn off by the shoe when her car ran over it.

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