​Darren McFadden Free Agent: Oakland Raider’s McFadden Career​​

August 11, 2021

Darren McFadden may become a free agent as his Oakland Raiders backups, Rashad Jennings and Latavius Murray, compete for his position. In all fairness, McFadden said he doesn’t want an NFL extension.

Darren McFadden Free Agent

The running back came into the league with a lot of talent and spark, but that seems to be the past, whether through bad decisions or injury. It looked like he would be the next great rusher alongside Adrian Peterson. Sadly, that hasn’t happened.

Despite spurts of brilliance at times he hasn’t lived up to his draft label, and his future could grant him a free agency spot.

If there is one thing fans don’t like when it comes to a player and their team, it is a gray area. They don’t like indecision. That is what makes the McFadden Question so agonizing.

The running back has so much talent but hasn’t completed a full 16-game season since entering the league in 2008. His only 1,000-yard campaign was three years ago and even then he missed three games. What scares people about him is the injuries keep coming to the same area: his legs and feet.

Those are the types of injuries that can become a death sentence for guys who depend on those limbs for their livelihood. They aren’t called “pushing” backs. So now every time the 25-year-old gets tackled or goes to the ground hard, Silver and Black faithful will hold their breath.

Such a situation is no way to live for a team. Where the argument starts is whether Oakland should add players as replacements for him, since he could enter NFL-free agency in 2014, or merely as reserves who can spell him during games.

Nobody knows that question except for GM Reggie McKenzie. Not only did he sign Rashad Jennings over from Jacksonville; he doubled up by taking Latavius Murray out of Central Floridain in the sixth round of the draft. One thing that has become clear with McKenzie is he doesn’t like bloated contracts spent on players who don’t deserve it.