Deion Sanders $200M Lawsuit Hits Radio Waves

Deion Sanders turned to the radio waves to defend himself after news that his wife was suing him and his daughter for $200 million.

“Where are they going to get that money from?” Sanders asks the hosts of The Ben and Skin Show on ESPN Dallas 103.3FM. “That’s just like me suing a homeless dude for a burger and some fries.”

When asked how his wife and her attorney came up with the $200 million figure, Sanders said: “You wouldn’t be talking about it if it wasn’t such an absurd number.”

Sanders, who played five seasons for the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990s, filed for divorce in December from his wife of 12 years, Pilar Sanders. On Thursday, a district judge approved the athlete’s request for a gag order in the divorce case. The divorce case has also been sealed and is no longer open to the public.

But the civil suit, filed last week in district court in Collin County, is not part of the gag order. Pilar Sanders is seeking damages from libelous and slanderous comments posted on Twitter. Also named in the suit is Deiondra Sanders, the athlete’s daughter from his first marriage, and Prime Time Enterprise Inc.

According to the suit, Deiondra Sanders posted Tweets about Pilar Sanders being “the number one gold digger of the year” and other disparaging comments. The suit states that Deion Sanders endorsed his daughter’s false statements and Tweeted that he was “tired of all [Pilar’s] lies and foolishness.”

During Friday’s radio show, Sanders called the lawsuit unfortunate and frivolous and said that he hated that his daughter was involved. He said he told his daughter she didn’t need to defend him but that he respected her for it. “There’s a way to do things and a way not to do things,” Sanders said. “I don’t use the media as a platform to fight my battles. You know, I speak up for myself. But God fights my battles, and I’m fine.”

Pilar Sanders also filed a separate civil suit seeking relief after an alleged assault at the couple’s home last month by the athlete’s aunt, Laura Jones. Jones is named in the suit along with Deion Sanders, who, according to the suit, encouraged the assault.

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