Chicago Bears Devin Hester Assaulted At Casino

Chicago Bears wide receiver Devin Hester gets assaulted at a casino. A fan of the team, Daniel Rago now says that he is sorry for slapping the football player in the back of the head. However, Des Plaines police Chief Jim Prandini said Tuesday that Daniel Rago did just that, slapping the Bears star in the back of the head with his hand while Hester was in a cashier’s line around 10:40 p.m. Friday at the Rivers Casino, Rago, 52, then walked away, Prandini said.

He said the incident was captured on a surveillance camera and that Hester didn’t retaliate. “There was no incident” between the two men that preceded the slap, “and no physical confrontation between them,” afterward, Prandini said.

“Mr. Hester was extremely professional,” Prandini said, “Hester was a perfect gentlemen through the whole thing,” notifying casino security and signing a complaint against Rago. Security officers took Rago, 52, to a holding area until the police arrived and arrested him.

Prandini said Rago gave no reason for hitting Hester. Rago “had been drinking,” the chief said.

Rago was released on bail pending a court hearing in Skokie in December. No one answered the door Tuesday evening at his home, which has a Northwestern University Wildcats’ flag out front, as well as what appeared to be a vintage baseball stadium seat.

His neighbors were surprised to hear that their friendly, Chicago sports fanatic neighbor could possibly have slapped the Bears’ star football player. “He’s a very nice guy … As far as being aggressive — not at all,” said neighbor Kathy Connolly. She said Rago, a Cubs season ticket holder, often offers her tickets when he can’t use them.

The incident at the casino didn’t seem to hurt Hester’s performance Sunday night against the Minnesota Vikings. Hester ran back a kick 98 yards for a touchdown and caught a 48-yard pass for another touchdown.