Dodger Stadium Fan Beating After Fender Bender

One positive coming out of the near-fatal beating of a Giants fan last year at Dodgers Stadium may be the added security that quickly responded to another beating this past weekend.

After the 2010 incident that left Bryan Stow brain injured, the Dodgers organization beefed up it security with both more uniformed security and off-duty police officers.

This past weekend a insignificant fender bender occurred in the stadium’s parking lot when an unidentified victim in his mid 20s bumped into another vehicle with four men in it. According to the police reports the three male passengers in the hit vehicle pinned the victim down to the ground while the driver of the vehicle kicked and punched him in the and face and head.

Security quickly responded and arrested the four men, and the victim was treated for cuts and abrasions and had no life-threatening injuries.

“It was just a minor fender bender that just got totally out of hand,” Sgt. David Armas said.

There was also an 8-month pregnant woman in the victim’s car that was unharmed in the incident, but was taken to the hospital as a precaution to be checked out.

The four men arrested were Arthur Morales, 20, Alan Trujillo, 29, Alejandro Briceno, 29, and Ulises Briceno, 26. Each of the men were charged with assault with a deadly weapon. However, they have all been released after posting $30,000 each for bail.

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