Don Mattingly Determined To Manage Dodgers

Don Mattingly is determined to be the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2014 as dialogue continues on a new contract in the next few days, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Earlier Wednesday, Mattingly’s agent said the manager was expected to honor the final year of his contract. Dodgers president Stan Kasten was confident Mattingly would be back.

“I’ve always thought that [he was coming back next year]. I’ve never had any doubt about that,” Kasten said.

The Dodgers won’t have anything to say on the matter until after the World Series, a source said, respecting the long-held tradition of embargoing major news during the sport’s most important event.

“He’s under contract. He was able to say his piece at the press conference and he’s looking forward to continuing his relationship with the Dodgers,” Mattingly’s agent, Ray Schulte, told on Wednesday.

“It would be nice to have it resolved soon.”

Schulte said he expects to meet with Kasten in the next “few days.”

“We feel confident Stan will be reaching out to to Don within a few days, but we don’t know his timetable,” Schulte said. “We understand the Dodgers won’t be making any comments concerning those conversations until after the completion of the World Series.”

Mattingly put pressure on the front office during a news conference Monday — with general manager Ned Colletti at his side, no less — to either extend him a multiyear contract offer or to move on without him, saying he had been frustrated with his status as a “lame-duck” manager during the season.

The final year and $1.4 million of Mattingly’s three-year contract vested after the Dodgers advanced to the National League Championship Series.

Before Mattingly went into the news conference Monday, he’d been given no indication of whether the club intended to extend his contract beyond next season, in effect putting him in the same “lame-duck” position as 2013. That played a part in his decision to express his frustration with the situation publicly.

“Donnie feels like he was able to say his piece, he did it for the betterment of the organization and now it’s out there. Hopefully we can make this a positive and move forward,” Schulte said. “Right now he’s at home, he’s waiting to hear from Stan and to talk about the future.

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