Hank Haney Books Reveal Secret About Woods Bodyguard

Tiger Woods former swing coach Hank Haney’s book, ‘The Big Miss’ reveals another connection to the Navy SEAL’s and a secret behind his bodyguard.

The book that gives some insight to Tiger Woods life when Haney coached him between 2004 and 2010 was released this past Tuesday. Prior to its release tidbits were leaked that Haney claimed that Tiger once was very interested in becoming a Navy SEAL and visited them several times to train, one time receiving a severe bruise after being shot with a rubber bullet in the leg.

Now there is another link between Tiger and the Navy SEAL’s that Haney has revealed in his book. He writes that Woods hired an ex-SEAL to be his bodyguard, that former caddie Stevie Williams would often refer to as ‘weird’.

Haney writes that the unidentified bodyguard would often tell Tiger that he could communicate with his deceased father. Haney recalled a time when the bodyguard said, Earl was “speaking to him on a regular basis and giving him instructions on how to help Tiger.”

Haney also reveals some other insights on how Tiger operated, such as making sure that his ex-wife Elin Nordegren would not smile or show emotion when greeting him on the course after a win. Tiger explained their should be no emotion showed because it was expected he would win.

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