Hayden Panettiere Engagement Rumor With Kiss

Hayden Panettiere might be engaged to Wladimir Klitschko after she gave him a kiss at a Miami Heat basketball game against the Charlotte Bobcats. She recently split from NFL player Scotty McKnight.

The Nashville star is keeping her boyfriend in sports by making her latest romance official.

Panettiere, 23, ended speculation about their relationship status by sharing a smooch with him in a very public spot.

The couple split in June 2011 after two years of dating, but they have been seen together since January, after she broke up with McKnight.

Wearing a hot pink top and jeans, Panettiere locked lips with the 36-year-old in between cheering on LeBron James and the gang, who have been on a hot winning streak. She also lightly stroked Klitschko’s face while he had his arm wrapped around her.

Panettiere, who has also dated her “Heroes” co-star Milo Ventimiglia, 35, and Stephen Colletti, 27, from “Laguna Beach,” recently talked about her attraction to older men.

“It was never a case of me making a decision, saying, ‘I want to date older men,'” she said in a statement. “But I am drawn to people who make me up my game, who bring me up to their level. I want to be with somebody who is more worldly than me, somebody who can give me guidance and is completely secure and comfortable with who they are.”

As for her fondness of professional athletes, she has said it’s merely a coincidence.

“I date two athletes and then people assume I only like athletes, but if I dated all actors, people wouldn’t say anything,” she told Us Weekly. “I like [dating athletes]. It’s been a really cool thing, because they’re in similar circles, where they understand the schedule, the work ethic, the social aspect, but they’re not exactly in your industry, so it works out well.”

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