High School Team in Utah Pulls Win With Hail Mary

The Roy High Royals school in Roy, Utah pulled off a pretty nice team effort Friday night against their rival Fremont Silver Wolves on the final play of the game with a hail mary, defeating them on a last second heave to win 13-12.

Quarterback Tyler Skidmore lined up in the shotgun at the 44 yard line, dropped back and threw a prayer down the field where it bounced off a few defenders and into the hands of wide receiver Justin Weaver for the score.

The touchdown set the Royals up for their third win of the season for an undefeated record and their second straight game of winning on the last play of the game.

If Roy High rings a bell for you, it’s the High School that legendary Bears quarterback Jim McMahon attended before going to BYU and eventually the NFL. The Royals retired his number two seasons ago and he visits the school a few times a year.

Everyone at the game was not expecting this play. They looked at the field as if it was a desperate attempt to win the game. The crowd couldn’t believe what they saw.

Roy improved to 3-0, while Fremont fell to 0-3.

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