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Iverson Gets Wages Garnished For Jewelry Bill

02/02/2021 06:13 PM ET

Iverson never paid for the items and his wages are being garnished to settle the bill

Former NBA star Allen Iverson has his bank account seized and his wages garnished by a judge in order to pay a large outstanding jewelry bill.

The Aydin and Co. Jewelers brought a lawsuit against Iverson in 2010 for failing to pay $375,000 on his bill. Since 2010 the unpaid bill, with interest, penalties, and attorneys fees, has grown to $859,946.46.

According to TMZ, Iverson was a no-show to court for the judgement against him in Georgia.

Iverson has had some financial woes over the past couple years. Wells Fargo bank foreclosed on his home after he stopped making mortgage payments. The bank said Iverson owed just over $2.57 million dollars on the home he purchased in 2008 for $3.875 million. The home was actually foreclosed on while Iverson had it under contract for sale to a potential buyer.

Iverson played for fourteen seasons in the NBA and earned more then $154 million dollars in wages during that time. He last played in the league in 2010 when he left mid-season.

Later in 2010 he signed a $4 million contract to play in Turkey, which only lasted a few months until he had to return to the States to have surgery on his calf in early January of 2011, he has not played basketball since.

Iverson was ranked by ESPN in 2008 as being the 5th greatest shooting guard of all-time.

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