​Jack Swagger Arrested For DUI, Removed From WWE Match​​

By: | 02/25/2013 09:01 AM ET
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Jack Swagger was arrested for DUI and marijuana possession, which has shocked wrestling fans. His status for WrestleMania 29 has remained silent. If the WWE does decide to drop him, then a title shot for Brock Lesnar could happen.

With so much at stake, the WWE may be mulling a change of plans for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship match with titleholder Alberto Del Rio.

Swagger might be removed from his WrestleMania match.

WWE sources note that Jack Swagger was scheduled to win the World Heavyweight Title from Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania 29. No word yet on what his arrest means for booking plans but WWE creative was working late on Wednesday night to come up with ideas, which doesn’t sound good for Swagger and Zeb Colter.

The reasons for such a late move by the company are obvious. The WWE is now attempting to appeal to younger fans, and an idiotic move like that of Swagger’s alleged behavior simply cannot be tolerated. Thus, he must be made an example of.

Lesnar will be ready to go for WrestleMania, and right now it seems he will take on Triple H in April. However, that’s a match we’ve seen before as it occurred at SummerSlam last year, so it is still fresh in the minds of WWE fans.

Not to mention, it would be another repeat performance on this year’s card, which is something fans are not happy about already thanks to another John Cena-Rock matchup.

The company could go in several other directions. It could pit one of the losers from the Elimination Chamber match to face the World Heavyweight champ, or maybe Dolph Ziggler could cash in his Money in the Bank because he was so close to doing it on Monday Night Raw.

Until then, or if WWE makes a change, all eyes are on Swagger.