Jamie McCourt Hands Over Dodgers

Jamie McCourt surrenders the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. The McCourt’s have finally ended fight over the field, but as it turns out, Jamie will walk away with $130 million. It has been one of California’s costliest divorces.

The McCourts have been embroiled in a costly and nasty battle in which the main prize has been the baseball organization.

The Dodgers has been put on hold until a bankruptcy court in Delaware sorts out the mess. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for Wednesday.

The divorce agreement removes Jamie as an obstacle in Frank’s bid to keep ownership of the Major League franchise by selling team television rights.

The deal appears to set up a showdown between Frank McCourt and MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, who wants the federal bankruptcy court to order it sold.

Judge Kevin Gross would need to grant an auction of TV rights for Frank McCourt to have any chance on keeping the organization.

The McCourts previously reached a divorce settlement on June 17, but the deal was contingent on approval of a proposed television contract between the Dodgers and Fox.