Jeremy Lin The NBA’s Version Of Tim Tebow

The New York Knick’s have struggles all year without the presence of a good point guard to run their team on the court, but they have now possibly found their savior in Jeremy Lin the first American born player in the league of Chinese or Taiwanese descent.

Lin, up until two weeks ago, had been considered the 15th man on a 15 player roster and had not seen much playing time. However, this past week, Jeremy Lin won the NBA player of the week award with his #17 jersey being the most sold over any other player in the league.

Since the absence of the teams, two biggest stars in Amar√© Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, coach Mike D’antoni decided to give Lin some playing time. The 23-year-old point guard out of Harvard, the first player in the league from the school in 60 years, has taken the opportunity and ran with it.

Jeremy leading the Knick’s to five straight victories averaging over 20 points during Friday’s game against the Lakers, he scored a career high 38 points. In the last five games without Anthony and Stoudemire the Knick’s have averaged 11 more points a game and have had a higher shooting percentage.

Lin was an un-drafted free agent by the Golden State Warriors in 2010, were he didn’t see much playing time. He was waived by the team on the first day of training camp in 2011 and claimed by the Houston Rockets, who then turned around and waived him again before the start of the season to clear payroll. The Knick’s claimed Lin and in January had him assigned to a D-league team.

Lin has now become the only player in league history to average more than 20 points, and 7 assists in his first four starts. In addition, he has garnered several nick names such as, “Lin-Sanity,” “Linja,” and “Super Lintendo.”

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