Jerome Harrison Finds Out More On Brain Tumor

Jerome Harrison brain tumor cancels Detroit Lions trade to Philadelphia Eagles, but it might have saved his life.

Jerome Harrison Brain Tumor – It was discovered during a routine physical before the Detroit Lions running back was to be traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. The NFL has subsequently confirmed that an MRI revealed something devastating. Internet speculation holds that the trade and the physical might have saved his life, but of course that is impossible to say, without knowing how severe the problem is.

The Eagles said it is up to the Detroit Lions, who once again control Harrison’s rights, to make any statements regarding Harrison. The Lions said only that Harrison didn’t practice Thursday because of “illness.” Coach Jim Schwartz told reporters it was a privacy issue.

Ronnie Brown Traded To Lions, Eagles Get Jerome Harrison

Lions players interviewed by the Detroit Free Press were aware of Harrison’s diagnosis. There has been no report of the type, grade or location of the tumor. Without the physical the situation could have been much worse for Harrison down the road.

“It’s unfortunate,” said corner back Eric Wright, who played with Harrison in Cleveland. The Browns traded Harrison to the Eagles last October, then he left for Detroit in free agency. “Just pray for him and hope for the best. I know everything is going to turn out well for him. That’s all we can do,” Wright added.

“That’s a tough situation,” said running back Maurice Morris. “I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I’m pretty sure that our prayers are with him, that’s for sure.”

Ronnie Brown, the running back the Eagles tried to send to Detroit for Harrison and a 2013 seventh-round pick, has reverted to the Birds. The Lions certainly could use him. Starter Jahvid Best is expected to sit out against Atlanta this week with a concussion, and the rest of his season may be in question, and without Harrison, Morris is likely to be promoted to starter.