Jerome Simpson pleads guilty to drug charge, faces jail

Wide receiver, Jerome Simpson of the Cincinnati Bengals was in court Thursday for a 2011 felony drug charge, to which he plead guilty under a plea agreement.

Last September, Jerome Simpson was charged with drug trafficking when investigator’s tracked a box containing 2 pounds of marijuana that was delivered to his home.

In exchange for the guilty plea, prosecutors agreed to the lesser charge of prohibited acts involving controlled substances, which still carries a felony status, but at a lower level.

The case will be back in court next month for formal sentencing, were a judge could hit the NFL wide receiver with the maximum sentence of 60 days in jail, and 200 hours of community services.

As a first time offender, Attorney Rob Sanders says that Simpson did no receive special treatment with the plea barganing and he will be sentenced like any other person without a prior criminal record.

”I don’t think Mr. Simpson deserves any special treatment one way or the other,” Sanders said after the hearing. ”He doesn’t deserve any special breaks. He doesn’t deserve any harsher punishment.”

“I believe that Mr. Simpson was consuming marijuana and probably sharing it with his friends,” Sanders said. “No single person is going to smoke two pounds of marijuana by themself. That’s the bottom line.”

Simpson was drafted in the second round of the 2008 NFL draft by the Bengals. Simpson may be most well known for his complete body flip over Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington into the end zone for a touchdown landing back on his feet in week 16 of last year. The play is being called by some as the ‘play of the decade.’

The NFL will likely take further action against Simpson after his criminal case is over.

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