Jerry Sandusky Used To Called Himself Tickle Monster

On Thursday, three additional accusers in the Jerry Sandusky’s sex-abuse trial testified against him; the first to testify claimed that the former coach named himself the “tickle monster” while in the shower with him.

Another alleged victim stated that he forced him into doing sex acts when he spent over a hundred nights at the ex-coach’s house. In addition, Anthony Sassano, an investigator from the state, stated that they could identify some of Sandusky’s alleged victims by lists and pictures confiscated from the plaintiff’s home and office. However, the university was “not very quick” in giving the authorities any information for the investigation.

Another alleged victim testified that he loved Sandusky looked to him as a father figure. But, he stated that when he moved away the former coach never attempted to reach out to him, and that angered him.

After the three accusers testified on Thursday, that brought the total number of believed victims, that took the stand, to eight over the first four days of the trial. In addition, the jury was informed of two additional assumed victims who investigators have been unable to locate.

Sandusky is looking at 52 criminal counts, including alleged assaults on 10 boys in a span of 15 years.

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