Jim Harbaugh Doing Great After Procedure

Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco 49ers head coach, has been released from the hospital.

Harbaugh underwent a minor heart procedure, at Stanford Hospital, on Thursday to treat an irregular heartbeat.

The former head coach at Stanford University will most likely return to his NFL team on Friday, prior to their Monday night game against the Chicago Bears.

The 49ers’ players were informed about Harbaugh’s medical issue on Thursday morning following their practice by Brad Seely, who is the assistant head coach and special team’s coordinator. He was responsible for assuming Harbaugh’s duties while he was away.

“They said it wasn’t serious, and it shouldn’t be a big deal,” punter Andy Lee said.

“Coach Harbaugh, like he always tells us, he’s tougher than a two-dollar steak. We know he’s going to be all right,” stated linebacker Patrick Willis.

“Harbaugh began experiencing discomfort Wednesday night and met with doctors at Stanford Hospital, stated Dr. Matthew DeVane, a cardiologist based in Walnut Creek. “Harbaugh probably had atrial fibrillation, the most common abnormal heart rhythm. Typical symptoms can include an elevated heart rate and shortness of breath.”

“It can just cause the heart to race and flutter and can make you feel uncomfortable,” added DeVane, who is the president of the East Bay Board of Directors for the American Heart Association.

“It’s a minor procedure and, again, this is guesswork, but it’s called a cardioversion where we put the patient to sleep for just a few minutes and give the heart a little zap to try to reset it back into a normal rhythm. It’s a very, very common procedure. It’s done on an outpatient basis. Usually people are home within two hours and ready to go the next day with no limitations or restrictions.”

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