Josh Hamilton Still Regrets Shannon Stone Ball Throwing (VIDEO)

Josh Hamilton And Shannon Stone – Shannon Stone fell to his death due to a throw from Josh Hamilton.

The mother of the deceased, does not blame the Texas Rangers’ outfielder for her son’s death.

In July 2011, Shannon extended himself over a rail at a professional baseball game to catch a foul ball thrown by Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton.

Within the blink of an eye, the firefighter flipped over the rail and plunged to his death. Following this incident the MLB received numerous calls from people who wanted the throwing of balls to fans in the stands banned. However, SuZann Stone, the mother of the victim was not one of the callers.

Stone feels that it is important for the players to keep this tradition alive. In a letter to Josh Hamilton, she pleaded for him to continue throwing the balls to fans. In addition, she wrote a story about how her husband caught a ball from Buddy Bell, Shannon’s childhood hero. It was his prized possession until he handed it over to his son, Cooper.

According to SuZan, her son and grandson sat where they did in hopes of catching a ball. The mourning mother feels that her son’s death was a freak accident.

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