Josh Hamilton Breaks Record With Game Bat

After a week of bashing 9 home runs with a record tying 4 coming in one game last week, the bat that Texas Rangers’ Josh Hamilton used to hit eight of those home runs broke as he hit a single in a game on Sunday.

“She died a hero,” Hamilton told USA Today of the bat that he continued to use after it had already been marked with a special authentication sticker for the “Hall of Fame” after the 4 home run game.

With the authentication sticker placed on the knob of the bat Hamilton only used it during games and used a different one for batting practice, and tried to give it a rest on Sunday when he used a special ‘Mother’s Day’ pink bat, but after losing that bat to the stands, he used the “Hall of Fame” bat in his last plate appearance of the night to hit the single which cracked it.

“You never want to take a gamer out of a guy’s hand — whether it’s a bat, a glove, any tool of the trade where a guy feels hot,” Brad Horn, a spokesman for the Hall of Fame said. “You don’t want to take that moment away, because the last thing you want to do is have a guy go into a slump afterward.”

After breaking the bat, that Hamilton also drove in 14 runs with last week, he said he had to really focus on not just tossing it into the stands to a fan, which he has become accustom of doing.

Before heading to Copperstown the bat was on display at the Rangers ballpark on Monday and with a donation of $5.00 to the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation fans were able to have their photo taken with the it.

Last Tuesday night Hamilton became just the 16th player in MLB history to hit 4 home runs in one game.

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