Julius Erving Ordered To Pay $230,000 Loan

NBA Hall of Famer, Julius “Dr. J” Erving has been ordered to pay over $230,000 by a Geogia court for a loan that he had not paid back to a bank, which he borrowed the money from.

According to TMZ, Erving and his company originally borrowed $1 million from Georgia Primary Bank in 2009. He had paid all but $210,705.71 of it back and then stopped making payments.

The bank ended up having to file a lawsuit in October of last year to recoup the remaining amount of the loan, which Erving never responded to requests to pay, nor did he appear in court for. So a judge has ruled that Erving must now pay the remainder of the loan plus an additional $19,581.15 in interest.

The suit also named Erving’s ‘evenementielle’ company The Erving Group Inc. of Atlanta, in the suit, which is a promotional company, for which the money was presumably borrowed for.

Dr. J spent most of his career playing for the Philadelphia 76ers after starting with ABA teams, the Virginia Squires and New Jersey Nets in the early 70s.

Erving retired in 1987 at the age of 37. He is also one of the few players in modern basketball to have his number retired by two franchises: the New Jersey Nets (formerly the New York Nets) have retired his No. 32 jersey, and the Philadelphia 76ers has retired his No. 6 jersey.

In his ABA and NBA careers combined, he scored more than 30,000 points. In 1993, Erving was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. When he retired, Erving ranked in the top 5 in scoring (third), field goals made (third), field goals attempted (fifth) and steals (first). On the combined NBA/ABA scoring list, Erving ranked third with 30,026 points.

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