Junior Seau Home Burglarized Days After Suicide

Police in San Diego have reported a burglary at the former home of ex-NFL great Junior Seau, who committed suicide just days ago inside his Oceanside, California home.

Seau was found dead on May 2nd of an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound. Police now say that five days later, on May 7th, a thief broke into his garage by crawling threw a doggy door around 2 in the afternoon.

The thief went through some cabinets in the garage and made off with a $500 bike that actually belonged to a friend of Seau’s, according to Lt. Leonard Mata.

One of Seau’s neighbors told the local KGTV that, for someone to break into the home after his death is “sick and disgusting.”

Police said they have not made any arrests linked to the break-in and they did not report if they had any leads.

Seau is suspected to have killed himself after having to deal with mental illnesses related to head injuries he had suffered during playing in the NFL, mostly with the San Diego Chargers.

In October of 2010, it was suspected Seau tried to kill himself when his truck was driven off the road and over a 100-foot cliff after an arrest on a domestic dispute incident involving his girlfriend. Seau received only minor injuries and claimed that he had fallen asleep at the wheel, he was never formally charged in the dispute.

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