Kelsi Reich Gives No Cheer For David Nelson

Kelsi Reich David Nelson – Kelsi Reich is the girlfriend of Buffalo wide receiver and Dallas native David Nelson.

Nelson was asked the other day how he thinks she’s going to react if he scores against her employers when the Bills invade Cowboys Stadium Sunday.

“I’d hope she’d cheer,” Nelson said with a bemused smile, eliciting a laugh from the assembled media.

He went on to explain that if he does find his way to the end zone, he’ll understand why Kelsi won’t be able to shake her pom poms, at least not outwardly.

“I hope she’ll be excited, but a lot of eyes will be on her more than me this week,” Nelson said. “Jerry (Jones, the Cowboys owner) might be watching her a little bit to see what she does so she can’t do too much, but I think she’ll have some internal joy.”

Nelson is one of three Bills who grew up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area along with running back Fred Jackson and tight end Scott Chandler, and all are anxious to play in front of friends and family. Nelson, however, is leading the pack in ticket requests.

“Most of my family didn’t want to sit in the upper deck (where the bulk of visiting team tickets are) so they found their tickets on StubHub here or there,” said Chandler, who not only grew up in Dallas, he played briefly for the Cowboys before being released last year. “I didn’t have quite the David Nelson ticket requests.”

Said Jackson: “I’m at about 25. I had to cut them off. Family, brothers and sisters. I told (friends) if I buy them for you, then what do I do about everyone else.”

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