Kobe Bryant $2 Million A Game To Suit Up

Kobe Bryant has been offered $2 million by Italian hoops team Virtus Bologna just to suit up for one game. The had been fiercely courting the superstar all summer. It also appears as if their desire to have the Lakers guard as part of their team is reaching unheard of levels.

According to team owner Claudio Sabatini, Virtus Bologna has a deal in place to offer Kobe a whopping $2 million to suit up just one game for the team.

Here are some details:

Sabatini told Il Resto del Carlino he’s secured a network deal and unspecified sponsorships to pay for Bryant’s proposed $2-million per-game appearance fee, to be dubbed “Kobe night.” Sabatini did leave out one kind of important detail. This scenario hinges on Bryant actually accepting the offer.

If the 2011 season were to ever start, Kobe’s was scheduled to make $25,244,000 for the year, which would break down to about $307,853.65 per game. The fact that Virtus Bologna is willing to offer Kobe six times that amount is insane.

As you may have heard, the first two weeks of the NBA season has already been canceled, and with no negotiations scheduled soon we could be looking at an even more reduced 2011-2012 schedule. Presently, it appears as if the owners and players union are locked in a power struggle and waiting to see which side blinks first.

LTSBlog writer Marcus Norris believes the players should hold strong. “Until this NBA Lockout is settled, I’m all for players finding alternative ways of generating income, and a couple million for a day’s work isn’t bad at all. It could be a lot worse, just ask Delonte West.”