Kobe Bryant Served Divorce Papers From Wife Vanessa

Kobe Bryant is going through divorce with his wife Vanessa, as shockingly it was announced, some fans are wondering if it will have any impact on his game. The ‘Basketball Wives’ star is finally calling it quits after 11 years with the Los Angeles Lakers star.

Few details were released, but according to Bryant’s divorce papers, which were officially filed on Dec. 16, it cited “irreconcilable differences.”

Kobe was in trouble once before with Vanessa for allegedly cheating on her. Those rumors have not stopped.

Some people suggest that the Bryant marriage was doomed before it began. From day one the NFL star’s parents were opposed to the marriage for many reasons. They had issues with their son marrying so much younger, especially to someone who was not African-American.

In addition, they didn’t like the fact that Kobe and Vanessa went through an estrangement for over two years due to the marriage.

Then there was Bryant’s 2003 arrest in connection with an investigation of a sexual assault complaint filed by Katelyn Faber, a 19-year old employee of The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera in Eagle County, Co.

The young girl accused Kobe of raping her in his hotel room the night before he was to have a procedure at a local hospital. The Los Angeles Lakers guard later admitted to cheating on his wife, however he denied the woman’s sexual assault allegation.

In 2004 the assault case was dropped, however that did not change the fact that Bryant had cheated on his wife. The couple decided not to divorce at that time.

Things are about to get interesting because Kobe Bryant didn’t have a prenup with his wife, but she is asking for joint custody of their two daughters Natalia, 8, and Giana, 5, along with spousal support.