Kobe Injury Bet: Kobe Bryant, Kevin Ware Decide Bet

Kobe Bryant is so competitive that he used his latest injury in a bet with Louisville’s Kevin Ware over who could return the quickest. Ware, speaking in an ESPN Conversation on Nov. 12, said it was cool for Bryant to reach out to him.

“We actually made a bet. Whoever come(s) back first got to come to each other’s game. I got to get in touch with him again so he can make it to a game,” he said.

Well, at this point, we know that Ware won the bet. Although Bryant hates to lose at anything, he made a good gesture that will go a long way with Ware. Both players suffered injuries with the world watching and later endured major scrutiny in their rehab.

While Ware broke his leg on March 31, Bryant would also sustain a harrowing injury a couple of weeks later, suffering a torn Achilles tendon on April 12.

In classic Bryant fashion, he found a way to make his own comeback trail a competitive one. Ah, but now it’s time to pay the piper and show up to root for a young man who certainly continues to inspire.

While Ware didn’t play in the season opener against Charleston, he did make an impact in the team’s exhibition game against Pikeville, inciting a jubilant crowd with a three-pointer.

Of course, Ware is hoping to move on with minimal memory of that fateful moment earlier this year, something he credits to not watching video of his horrific injury. “Mentally, I’m pretty strong. Because I haven’t seen the video, all I know is that I broke my leg, and that’s as far as it goes.”

Congratulations and one ticket to a Louisville game is in order. For the moment, Bryant is mum on when he will specifically return from his own injury.

The Los Angeles Times’ Eric Pincus did get some thoughts from general manager Mitch Kupchak, who seems to think a return in the next couple of weeks is highly unlikely.

We assume Bryant is pretty much living in the gym at the moment, willing himself back to the court, so there isn’t all that much time to fly off and see Ware play. However, we are sure Bryant is aware that he has to make good on his wager.

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