Kris Humphries Gets Booed After Vote On Most-Disliked Player

Kris Humphries Booed – Kim Humphries was booed after his name was called Thursday night at Madison Square Garden. The NBA player, who was also voted the most-disliked player in the league by a website, realized just how tarnished his image is after getting a divorce from Kim Kardashian after 72 days. When he wasn’t on the basketball court, the New York crowd was chanting to put him back on, and this went on all during the game.

Kris has quite a year with a breakout season in the NBA, facing the lockout, starring in a reality show, getting married to Kardashian, then kicked by the curb.

Now he returns to the place he loves the most and they share their dislike for the man too. As Humphries made it back to the basketball court, wearing his New Jersey Nets uniform, he seems happy. But that ended quick when fans started booing.

After the lockout ended the Nets signed Humphries to a one year, $8 million deal for the upcoming shortened NBA season.

Kris is by no means a superstar in the league, averaging 10 pts. and 10 rebounds per game last year, but the New York crowd gave him the star treatment usually reserved for the opposing team’s best player, as he was booed every time he stepped on the court.

And when he was sitting on the bench, which was most of the time because he only played 6 minutes, the crowd chanted, “We want Humphries” over and over.

“That was not a smattering of boos,” The Garden announcer Al Trautwig said of the overwhelming response. “That’s villain in the Garden kind of booing.”

Kris Humphries getting booed is one thing, but is he really the most-disliked player in the NBA? It just seems a bit overboard just because he was in a reality show and married one of the Kardashians.

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