Laurie Fine Allegedly Slept With Syracuse Basketball Players

Laurie Fine, the wife of former Syracuse assistant basketball coach, Bernie Fine, has been accused of having sex with numerous university player’s over a period of many years.

Fine himself has been embroiled in sexual abuse allegations from former ball boys for the Syracuse team. The incident’s were alleged to have happened between the 70’s and 90’s in which the district attorney said the statute off limitations, which was 10 years, had expired to prosecute Fine for. The allegation however did lead to him being fired by the university.

However, one accuser, Robert Davis decided to file a civil suit for defamation against Jim Boeheim after he said Davis and his brother made up the accusation’s to make money.

Now in court documents filed in the case. the former ball boy, Davis, also accuses Laurie of having sex with a number of players that fit a “specific size and physical attributes” pertaining to there genitals over a period of several years.

Davis says that he heard Laurie and another coach’s wife speak about performing oral sex on some of the players. He also says she had sex with him when he was a high school senior.

He also alleges that head coach Jim Boeheim knew of the Fine’s actions and chose to ignore it.

In the affidavit Davis says, “He knew or purposefully chose to ignore Fine and his wife’s behavior. He had every reason to know that I was telling the truth, but he instead lashed out at me and called me and my brother liars.”

He added that it was a running joke among players that anyone could sleep with coach Fines wife.

Laurie’s attorney stated to the AP that the Davis accusation is a “desperate” attempt to keep the lawsuit alive.

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