Lawrence Taylor Super Bowl Ring Sold To Unknown Buyer

Former New York Giants Hall Of Fame linebacker Lawernce Taylor sold his 1991 Super Bowl ring to an unknown buyer at auction for $230,401. Taylor put the ring on the auction block just 4 days prior.

The Super Bowl item was valued at $75,000 to $100.000, to his son T.J., who decided to sell without his father’s knowledge until it had already been placed on the auction block.

The ring was the second of two Taylor had received, and he was informed by his agent Mark Lepselter about the auction, but didn’t seem to upset over it.

Lepselter told Fox Sports, Jay Glazer, “Lawrence was in fact unaware of it but said he gave it to TJ and it’s his right to do what he wants with it. He’s fine with whatever TJ decided,”

The ring is described to have “two football-shaped diamonds on the face surrounded by worn blue enameling framed by seventeen smaller diamonds.” It also contains Taylor’s name and number 56 on it. The auction house, SCP Auctions, called it, “arguably the most significant Super Bowl player ring ever offered publicly.”

After the close of the four-day auction, there had been a total of 30 bids placed on the ring, with current Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora promising to place a last minute bid to purchase it and return it to Taylor if he had at least 500,000 Twitter followers by the morning of the final day of bidding.

However, he fell well short of that mark only accumulating 50,000 followers, Osi never placed a bid.

“If that many people supported him getting the ring then it was worth it to me,” Umenyiora tweeted Sunday, who says he didn’t personally know Taylor. “But they didn’t.”

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