Lindsey Vonn Wins Women’s Super-G Race, ‘Celebrates’ by Tebowing

Lindsey Vonn and Tebowing – Lindsey Vonn celebrates her win first World Cup Race by ‘Tebowing’ from the podium. It’s a movement that requires one to drop to one knee. She had no problem doing that after winning the women’s super-G in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

This is a movement that’s been sweeping across America in recent weeks. It was started by Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and now it’s been endorsed by the Super-G winner. It’s probably one of the coolest things to do in the world of sports without offending too many people while celebrating a victorious moment.

Vonn and Tebow became friends at a recent charity golf event. Tim’s brother, Robby Tebow, attended the race in Beaver Creek, Colo., according to the Denver Post. The Post reported that Lindsey discussed the move with Robby before she dropped to one knee in front of the awards podium.

“I said that if I won in Colorado, I would do it,” Vonn told the Denver Post. “Go Broncos.’ And I did it. Gotta represent.”

When questioned by the Post about the nature of her relationship with Robby Tebow, Vonn insisted they are friends. She announced last week that she is getting a divorce. We’ll keep you updated if we see anything more happen between these two — you know they will never admit an early relationship.