​Lindsey Vonn Says It’s ‘Awesome’ Being With Tiger​​

August 30, 2021

Lindsey Vonn relationship with Tiger Woods seems to be going great without any drama or cheating scandals that has plagued the pro golfer’s past. Vonn says that finding him was a miracle.

“It’s awesome,” Vonn continued. “I love it.” she said. The Olympic skier dished about her happy relationship with the pro golfer to People magazine.

“There’s really nothing about him that bothers me,” the 28-year-old Olympian said. “He doesn’t even leave the seat up! It’s awesome.”

Vonn reflected on how quickly her life has changed since she began her divorce proceedings from ex-husband Thomas Vonn in 2011.

“From a personal standpoint, everything in my life has changed. It’s a complete 180 in a short period of time,” Vonn said. “I went from being married and living on my own in L.A. to having a new boyfriend and just being totally self-sufficient and super independent.”

Vonn and Woods, 37, met at a charity event in 2012. They announced their relationship in March 2013.

Next week, Vonn will hit the slopes for the first time since an accident at the World Cup in February.

“I leave for Chile on Friday and I’ll be on the snow on Monday!” she said. “It’s probably going to be slower than I want it to be … But I’m really excited just to be out there, to be in the mountains, to be going fast again.”

Vonn also plans to compete in the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. And she’s hoping Woods will tag along, too.

“He’s kind of a fish out of water in the cold weather,” Vonn added. “It’s going to be really cute!”

Vonn will be back on snow for the first time since her horrifying crash at the world championships in February.

“I’m just looking forward to going fast,” Vonn told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. “Physically I’m 100% now,” she said of her surgically-repaired right knee. “I’ve been in the gym far too long. I’m ready to be out in the fresh air.”

“I’ve been working so hard for so long to get back. I don’t care what I do as long as I’m on snow. I just want to get back to my job,” she said with a laugh.

That job is winning ski races. Yes, she’s Wood’s girlfriend, but she’s also the most successful female ski racer in American history.