Maine Broadcaster Reports Heat-Celtics Ends In Tie

A local Maine news broadcaster, who obviously doesn’t know the rules of NBA games, or much about sports, tries to give a live update on the playoff game between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics, at the dismay of basketball fans and causing others to laugh when she reports that it ended in a tie with a final score of 89-89.

In NBA games, there are never any games that end in ties, if at the end of regulation play, there is a tie score, they start playing five-minute overtime periods until one team is leading when time expires. And on Sunday night, just as Meghan Tourjussen had been anchoring the late news broadcast, regulation time had been coming to an end in the game with the two teams tied.

“The Boston Celtics hosting the Miami Heat in Boston for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals. I guess the game just ended. It ended in a tie. This is what my producer is telling me right now,” Tourjussen reported.

Then she referenced a graphic that popped up on the screen showing the game in an 89-89 tie by saying, “Whoop, there you go, there’s the score, 89… uh, went down to the wire… 21 seconds left, ended in a tie.”

She then added, “Alright, let’s move on…”

Officially, the Boston Celtics won the game in overtime and tied the best of seven playoff series winning two games a piece. This news may have also confused others that picked up the morning paper the next day, who didn’t know any better.

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