Marc Trestman Interviews With Bears

Marc Trestman was rumored to be the new Chicago Bears coach after his former boss, Jimmy Johnson, wrote a tweet that started some speculation. The team is still without a coach while it interviews other NFL potential candidates.

“I have not heard from the Bears and have responded in that manner on multiple levels,” Trestman said. He coached with Johnson briefly with the Miami Dolphins. Trestman has also worked with Jon Gruden with the Oakland Raiders and helped bring Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson into the fold from baseball at NC State.

Trestman is probably best known for working with quarterbacks during the off-season. He has trained guys like Brandon Weeden, Brock Osweiler and Jay Cutler, which is why he’s probably the perfect candidate for the Bears.

In addition, Trestman is a highly-regarded coach in the NFL, despite having spent the last few seasons in the Canadian Football League. He recently interviewed for the Cleveland Browns coaching job when it was vacant and he interviewed for the Indianapolis Colts in 2011.

Of course, this is just a tweet from Jimmy Johnson. It’s not exactly an official release from the Bears by any stretch of the imagination.

If Trestman is to be the next coach for the Bears, the team isn’t saying, and they are far from issuing a statement on the issue until all potential candidates have been interviewed.

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