Maria Menounos Wears Bikini In Times Square

Maria Menounos wore a red and blue bikini in the middle of Times Square on Monday after having a busy Super Bowl weekend.

Extra correspondent Maria Menounos stripped down to the bikini due to a lost Super Bowl wager on her New England Patriots after losing a bet to colleague A.J. Calloway, who picked his hometown New York Giants.

If Calloway had lost, he would worn a New England Patriots cheerleader outfit. Menounos had to wear the bikini, though she was able to keep warm (and give a shout-out to Tom Brady) by wearing black Uggs during the taping.

“I hate bets, Menounos said as she removed the robe. “I’m never doing this again.”

How did Mario Lopez escape this bet? Either way, he was seeing one of his colleagues in a bikini or another dressed up like a cheerleader, all while he was standing comfortably in a trench coat. That doesn’t seem fair. The least they could have done is made him reprise his ballet performance from “Saved By The Bell.”

At the ESPN Super Bowl Party Sunday night Menounos got the attention of Bronco’s quarterback Tim Tebow and talked with him for a while before asking him to “Tebow” with her.

“Tebowing” is what people call Tim’s trademark praying pose that he does often before, during, and after his football games.

It has become a worldwide phenomenon and even has it’s own Facebook page and apprael with “Tebowing” on it.

As Tim walked the red carpet at the event, fans cheered like crazy and applauded him the whole way. He did not do any interviews but did pose for some pictures.

Inside the party though Menounos got ahold of him and they chatted it up for a good while before she convinced him, after she asked several times, to Tebow with her.

“I was his first, He told me at the party he had never ‘Tebowed’ with anyone else before, ever,” Menounos said.

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