Matt Bonner Baby Carrot: Watch Matt’s Video

Matt Bonner, an NBA player with the San Antonio Spurs, is the new pitchman for Shakedowns, which are season baby carrots. It’s an unusual endorsement deal, but Bonner fans are finding humor in it.

Pro athletes usually pitch for industry-related products and partnerships, such Nike, Adidas, Reebok, but it’s different for this basketball player.

Bonner now endorses seasoned baby carrots known as Shakedowns.

In the two commercials released so far, Bonner doesn’t have any speaking parts, but his role is still critical. In one, he’s rapper/promoter who has to eat the carrot, and in the other, he shaves down the carrots to “baby” form and then helps package the Shakedowns.

Maybe one would’ve thought that a man with the nickname Red Mamba and Red Rocket would go for a fruit and/or vegetable that was also red if he desired a deal in the food industry.

After all, he totally missed an opportunity to promote cherry tomatoes, so why not?

Here’s the video that everyone is talking about.

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