Matt McGloin Penn State Quarterback Hospitalized After Fight

Matt McGloin Penn State Fight – Quarterback Matt McGloin was hospitalized after having a seizer in the Penn State locker room during a fight with wide receiver Curtis Drake. The details are still limited, but somehow the two football players ended up in the Lasch Building, the team’s training facility, following their Saturday practice.

The quarterback is in stable condition, but now the status for the bowl game is questionable. The football team had a meeting shortly about the incident. The wide receiver, who was also in the fight, was present and was seen later talk with his teammates.

McGloin isn’t the first person or incident involving Drake in an altercation. He was in a fight last year with former Penn State basketball player Taran Buie and was cited for disorderly conduct. In March 2011, He was cited again for disorderly conduct after being identified on a surveillance camera.

Apparently, Curtis and the Matt finished their training with a physical fighting session that sent the QB straight to the Mount Nittany Medical Center, located adjacent to Pennsylvania State.

McGloin’s parents, Paul and Catherine, allege that the altercation resulted in their son having a seizure and a likely concussion. In addition, they stated that the CAT scan and MRI exam came back negative. However, they are taking the matter seriously and will stay with their son in his apartment to monitor his health.

The medical report indicates that their son was examined, treated for undisclosed injuries, and released from the facility.

Campus police and the Penn State Office of Student Conduct are currently investigating the altercation between Matt and Curtis. When concluded, they will report their findings as they do with every incident report. The Office of Judicial Affairs is also starting their own investigation.

According to the medical report, Matt McGloin was examined, treated for undisclosed injuries, and released from the facility.