Mattheus Breaks Hand After Punching Locker

Ryan Mattheus breaks his hand by punching a locker on Sunday. Now, the Washington Nationals pitcher has no chose but to sit out of several games due to his actions.

The injury happened following the National’s losing game to the San Diego Padres where Mattheus gave up five runs.

Apparently, he was up set over his performance, and took it out on his locker. He didn’t realize until the next day, when he was practicing, just how much damage he had done to his hand.

While playing catch the 29-year-old noticed that his right hand was beginning to swell.

Nationals manager Davey Johnson noticed right away that Mattheus had a broken hand, according to MLB. He said Mattheus failed to tell him about the locker incident.

“It was a little late at the time,” Johnson said. “He felt real bad about it, but I wish he would have said something of what he did.”

Matheus is feeling a bit embarrassed now about the poor decision that he made.

“I was pretty upset, and I let my emotions get the best of me,” he told The Washington Post. “I hit my locker, and unfortunately, I injured myself. It’s pretty embarrassing. It’s a tough one to swallow. I feel like I let the other 25 guys down on this team. I let the whole Washington Nationals organization down doing something stupid.”

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