Michael Jordan Fined For NBA Player Comments

Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan was fined $100,000 for Milwaukee Bucks comments during an interview with the Herald Sun, the Times Union said. The Hall of Famer said the league’s current model was broken and called for revenue sharing for small-market teams. These are the statements he made that got him in trouble.

“We need a lot of financial support throughout the league as well as revenue sharing to keep this business afloat,” Jordan told Australia’s Herald Sun.

“We have stars like Bogut who are entitled to certain type of demands. But for us to be profitable in small markets, we have to be able to win ball games and build a better basketball team,” He added.

NBA spokesman Tim Frank confirmed the penalty for the Charlotte Bobcats owner on Monday, but said the league doesn’t comment on the total according to Times Union. ESPN reported that Jordan was fined $100,000.

The NBA prohibits owners from speaking publicly about the labor situation.

Meanwhile, NBA Hall of Famers Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan will be featured in three separate covers on the front of “NBA 2K12,” the latest installment of the best-selling basketball video game franchise.

The “NBA Players 2K12” will be released October 4, 2011.