Michael Jordan Stays For NBA Lockout, Cancels President’s Cup

Michael Jordan President’s Cup – Michael Jordan announced that he will not be attending the U.S. President’s Cup team. It seems that the NBA lockout is causing more concerns than a month’s worth of missing basketball games.

The event is a series of men’s golf matches between a team representing the United States and an International Team representing the rest of the world less Europe. Europe competes against the U.S. in a similar but considerably older event, the Ryder Cup. It is held biennially.

Initially, it was held in even numbered years, with the Ryder Cup being held in odd numbered years. However, the cancellation of the 2001 Ryder Cup due to the September 11 attacks pushed both tournaments back a year, and the President’s Cup is now held in odd numbered years. It is hosted alternately in the U.S. and in countries represented by the International Team.

“After careful consideration, it is with regret that I have decided to cancel my trip to Australia later this month for The President’s Cup,” Jordan said in a statement released by the PGA Tour. “With the NBA labor situation unsettled, as the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, I feel it is necessary that I remain in the country. It was an honor to have been chosen by Fred Couples to serve as a captain’s assistant. I wish Fred and the United States team the best of luck,” Michael added.

The event will be held Nov. 15-20, 2011, at The Royal Melbourne Golf Club.

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